Posted in emotional abuse

Across the room…

We used to say that it’s a wonderful feeling when you make eye contact with your partner from the opposite side of a crowded room and can read each other despite the busyness in-between and around you. So sad, if we ever had that, it’s gone now.  

Now, you look at me from across the room, your eyes are stony, your eyes are angry, your expression is cold, your body position is uninviting.

Your eyes follow me from across the room, I sense you and turn, but it is not love and happiness that fill me when our eyes eventually meet. It is an uneasy awareness.

You stalk me from across the room — studying, watching, glaring at my every movement and interaction because you are untrusting and suspicious. But why?

You control me across open spaces. Your words – opinions, threats, hostility – invoke fear, influence my thoughts, dictate my actions.  

I have succumb. I am isolated from the world. All of my family has been cast aside, by my own hand, with the hostile takeover of my mind by your subtle and not-so-subtle forces. All but one of my friends from the past has abandoned me — also at my hand, with your opinion and influence manipulating my actions.

I have been reduced by your action and my inaction against your control to a fraction of who I was, yet you act as if I have wounded YOU somehow. You treat me as if I am the enemy, so sad.


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