Posted in emotional abuse, Self-Esteem

My Great Deflator

When I’m feeling happy, my day is going well, 

I have a good story or a funny joke to tell. 

When I feel like I’m the girl who can conquer the world,

And I greet my surroundings eagerly, arms unfurled.

I may be enjoying the sunshine, the seashore, fresh air, 

or letting myself go in a moment seemingly of no cares.

No matter what the circumstance, I’ve grown accustomed to know,

that with you I will never be able to ‘just go with the flow.’

There is always something 

that I can count on from you,

harsh moods, unkind words, 

at least a criticism or two.

When we’re in front of our friends — could be just one or a few,

Their image of us is usually sadly askew 

and, of course,  I think — ‘if they only knew.’

Why would I say this? You may ask in debate.

Well, because, dear, when it comes to me,

It is your task to deflate (and manipulate.)


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