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I wonder why you’re brooding —now.

I ponder if you’re mad and, if so, why and what role did I play in it — this time.

I have made some decisions for myself — finally.

I won’t accept being judged for everything and nothing at all, all the time — anymore.

I won’t tolerate being ridiculed, reprimanded or put-down in my home or anywhere else — anymore.

I won’t worry about my decisions being right, wrong or ‘outlandish’ — anymore.  

Whatever I decide, they will be the decisions that are right, wrong or ‘outlandish’ by me, for me — always.

I will not feel disregarded, disrespected and diminished in my home — by anyone, anymore.

I will not hold back my tongue, my opinions, or my feelings for fear of reprisal, belittling or retribution — anymore.

I am here NOW

THIS TIME I will FINALLY take action so I don’t have to make myself smaller ANYMORE.  

I can be myself and that is okay, it will be okay — ALWAYS.



  1. Right now, it’s as if you are writing my thoughts and how I feel…. I’m slowly getting to this point and though it’s scary I know in order to survive it is necessary. Beautifully written as always.

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    1. Thank you. As I have learned through research and can now attest, as can you, this is a very slow process. I have wavered so so much over a long time. Logically, I see the truth about my situation and can speak to the lethargy driving my actions or inaction however, the emotional distress caused by narcissism is overwhelming.
      Keep reading everything that you can, knowing that you are not alone — this problem is real and it’s not yours, you ARE a VICTIM — to me, was validating.
      The fight is scary and hard, the process is slow, but you are worth it.


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