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I was speaking to a good friend recently about life and love and how, through my own self-discovery and attempt to heal from narcissistic abuse, I realize that there are an overwhelming number of people who seem to be ‘just existing’ within their lives.  

As my eyes are opening wider there seem to be people coming out of the woodwork about their personal reality and unfulfilling or toxic relationships defining an important aspect of their life.

Then I heard, “I want the rest.”

“What?” I asked, seeking clarification.

“I want the rest,” I heard again.

“What does that mean, the rest of WHAT?”

“Anyone can have sex, animals have sex. Although some may try, you can’t have sex constantly. Either because the act came to a close, something is broken, the desire has wandered — whatever the reason.”


“So, I want the rest — the stuff that remains when the sex act is complete, broken or wandered — the friendship, respect, compassion, partnership, I can keep going, you get it.  

If you don’t have that, what do you have?  


So, don’t get me wrong — having a great sex partner is amazing, but, more than that, I want the rest.”



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