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In the world of family dysfunction and emotional abuse we are THEM — the women, children and men who are victims of verbal abuse, intimidation and manipulation.  


don’t look so you won’t see

don’t listen so you won’t hear

don’t speak so you won’t be told


The people who no one wants to admit are being abused because what you don’t see must not be happening.  

The funny, if it wasn’t true, part is that if you pay attention you will see it, you will hear it, you will feel it, because it’s real and it’s present and the scars — although not visible on the surface of the skin — are visible in words, actions and behaviors.    

Remnants of our abuse are screaming in everything we do, they are screaming inside us. 

There is screaming behind closed doors.

But we present well. 

We look good, our house looks good, we drive nice cars, wear the latest fashion, we are educated and polished — it is all part of our abusers game.  Our external image or facade gives him/her power, more power, because the better it seems on the outside the deeper he/she can dig without detection.  


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