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Mentor v. Tormentor


I am a lover of words, I play with them like a child plays with toys — in my eyes, they hold the power to calm, convince, convict or just make a lot of noise.  When they are absent, not a single word spoken, they resonate the loudest. 

Sometimes when I’m thinking, words just rolling around my head, something will stay with me, something that someone said.  

Some words hold two meanings, acting as both noun and verb. 

Some words sound so similar, you have to focus on what you just heard.  Then I stumbled upon this word with another word embedded in it.  Although this is quite common I thought it funny where they headed.  Although, visually, they seem related, it’s pretty clear to see, that other than their ABC’s they’re as different as can be.

A mentor is someone who strives to build another up, a tormentor is the opposite, aiming to destroy who and what they touch.

Two words that seem and sound so similar on the surface; one word embedded in the other — yet they hold two entirely different meanings.

Definition of MENTOR.     
Causative form of root *men- “to think”


1. an experienced and trusted advisor.

Synonyms: advisor, guide, guru, counselor, consultant; confidant(e)


1. advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).
Like the Narcissist…the same person, but with two distinct sides. Looking and sounding so similar on the surface; one personality embedded within the other —  yet each hosts an entirely different agenda.

Definition of TORMENTOR.
Origin. Middle English as both noun and verb referring to the infliction or suffering of torture.

1. one that torments.                       

Synonyms: cuss · witch-hunter · harasser · tantalizer · pest · oppressor · persecutor
2. a fixed curtain or flat on each side of a theater stage that prevents the audience from seeing into the wings.

Definition of TORMENT.


1. severe physical or mental suffering.
Synonyms: agony, suffering, torture, pain, anguish, misery, distress, affliction, trauma, wretchedness


1.cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering.
Synonyms: torture, afflict, rack, harrow, plague, haunt, bedevil, distress, agonize


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