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Just ANOTHER lump of coal…

JUST ANOTHER LUMP OF COAL is my categorization for someone who pans-out to be a disappointment to me. I know, it’s 

silly, but I guess it’s my way of making light of a sad situation for myself.  The “lump of coal” in lieu of the bicycle you so 

desperately wanted from Santa when you were a kid.  Disappointment can start so young and take on so many different 


I am tired of being disappointed and need to realize and remember some things to help keep me in line.

You can lower your standards, 

or choose not to get too close or become too attached ~~ 

that way you’re less likely to be disappointed.  

People are human, 

plans change, 

goals become sidetracked, 

rules get broken, 

sickness happens, 

death happens too.  

Everyone experiences gains and losses.  

Luck can strike anyone ~~ so can misery.  

We should all be thankful and grateful and humble for what we have, 

but, instead, too many choose to focus on what we don’t.

We should be kind or at least, considerate, sing each others praises, 

boost each other’s confidence and support the common good. 

After all, we are all human ~~ 

anything can happen to anyone, in an instant, and while you might be looking down upon and casting an ugly opinion on 

someone else today, it doesn’t take much for the tables to turn ~~ be careful in your judgement of others. 

As trite as it may sound ~~ no one ever really knows the extent of another’s troubles, tread lightly.

Unfortunately I have learned not to expect much. My observation concludes that the majority of people today are myopic, 

they only really care about what effects their immediate existence. So while it hurts my heart I am beginning to feel that I 

must change my behavior towards myself, for my own good.  

I wonder how this happened to our society?  It’s like the chicken and the egg…which came first ~~ the poor attitude or the 

bad behavior?


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