Posted in emotional abuse

Just Be You.

How about just being you?

Truly you, whatever that looks like — on the inside and out.

Be the you that you want to see looking back at you when you look in the mirror.

Be the you that is comfortable with the decisions that you make because they are decisions that are either good for you or make you feel good because you are doing something right for someone else.

Be the you that takes chances within your comfort zone and risks within your safety zone.

Be the you that you recognize because you know yourself so well, because you are introspective and honest with yourself and you take care of your wants and needs.

Be the you that is true to you, that doesn’t transform yourself to appeal to others and doesn’t compromise your core values under any circumstances.

Be the you that listens to the music in your head, the melody in your heart and the rhythm in your feet and let them carry you, with wisdom, through your life.

Be the you of your dreams or you may be inviting the life of your nightmares.


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