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Progression of Emotional Abuse in a Nutshell

I will keep it simple, you will get the gist.

Love with a narcissist, is disillusion with a twist.

It starts out sweet, it continues slow.

A narc needs to gauge how far they can go.

A fight.

Harsh words, a dirty look,

the next day this incident is overlooked!

The next fight.

Mean words, a tantrum, a thrown book.

In the morning you wake to a breakfast that’s cooked!

By the next disagreement they know that you’re caught on their hook.

Fight words carry a threat, followed by a shove or a push!

You now realize that you’re in over your head, then you begin to wonder why you haven’t already fled.

The apology so sincere, pleading, almost a beg,  plus a promise that it will never happen, again.

You’ve invested time here, conflict fills your head.

You decide to forgive and forget this fight, instead!

Fully entangled in a web of deception and lies, your emotions twisted constantly, love shouldn’t be making you cry.

Yet with each forgiven incident, they’re re-drawing your tolerance line.

Soon none of it will make sense as you’re gasping for fresh air.

What happened to the partner who seemed to always want to share?

Now their behaviors and actions make it hard to see the care.

From love to hate to love again and disregard so many times, feels like you’re walking an emotional thin line.

Words and actions don’t add up,there seems no logic in each weird exchange.

However with precision consistency at the last minute, plans just seem to change.

Narc fills your head with self-doubt, it’s all part of their game.

The delivery so fluid, your confusion always remains, you’ll start to wonder if you’re memory is now lame.

If there is a mishap, you know, you’ll be the one to blame.

Still, you trust in their intention, you’re so wrapped up in the show.

First it’s yes, then it’s no, you never know which way to go.

The twisting of facts constantly until your head is spinning.

This is your whole life, yet while you’re suffering, they’re grinning.

Realize that, to them, this is a game that they’re bent on winning.

Narc is a  true game player, a master head-tripper .

Aimed at shredding your heart and your spirit, skillfully, just like Jack-the-Ripper.



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