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Together / Alone

Sometimes, often times, people are attracted to the wrong person.  

A person with different ideas, values, backgrounds, goals.

There is chemistry — which is very exciting!

Just like people drawn to an emergency, like moths to a flame, they are drawn together by the lure of the unknown.

Something new, interesting, different.

Over sufficient time, maybe sooner, real differences surface.

What was once exciting, interesting and new,

in and of itself, becomes the very obstacle that stunts growth towards the future.

From the inception their foundation was resting on unstable ground, the infrastructure that existed, shoddy.

Why, so often, do these people fight to save it?

They say opposites attract, they complement each other — true to an extent.

However, like oil and vinegar, opposites may clash or not really ‘mix’ at all.

In relationships, and salad dressing,

when not grounded at the same base line, 

there is not much room for growth.

Do we remain because failing together is better than facing ourselves alone?


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