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I’m struggling with this post because I am learning so much about myself — EVERY DAY.  It’s overwhelming and liberating at the same time.  

For starters, I am personally astounded by how much I have been manipulated throughout my entire life.  

First by my family, then by “partners,” if people who hurt you should even be considered that.  

There is so much unhealthy emotional energy in the world.

People are brainwashed away from their own reality by relationships, social media, various events all around them, thus walking around in a fog about who they really are.  

We are so educated and technologically savvy, pretty much everyone is “interactive” on some level, yet toxic relationships/communications and things like gas-lighting still exist.

So amazing that we can be so spot-on regarding external data processing and so misguided in our internal processing that so many people are out-of-touch and don’t even realize it.

We are completely connected, yet we’re not.

There is movement, but very little genuine substance.

People are ‘virtually’ tethered, yet essentially distracted and disengaged, feeling dissatisfied, uneasy ~ 

out of place IN THEIR LIFE, but not knowing why, 

believing this is normal, because it is their normal…

but, in reality, they are continuously standing on the periphery of their world, 

their people, their emotions.

I feel like we are a “flock” of people — moving together — individually inspired — acting alone.

Motivated by personal agendas, personal experiences, personal issues, and/or personal avoidance…

…forming their Self, 

guided by their Self.

It is literally obscured chaos.

So many ‘Selfs’ moving in unison, 

viewing the scenario through a personal lens, 

detached from the actual moment — and not even realizing it.

Receiving data, perceiving that information andforming opinions by applying personal filters which very well may have been back-fed by skewed agendas.
Decisions are made based on those opinions,

all the while blind to the truth, 

out-of-touch with reality, 

dressed in a cloak of denial about our own ability to decipher a situation.  

By just accepting the discomfort, aren’t we denying our feelings from rising to the surface?

For some people, this pattern replays itself continuously from birth until death.  

Denial about our reality. 

Denial about our intuition. 

Denial about anything and every thing, 

manifested to various degrees and magnitudes,

depending, of course, on the individual.

So…we are intrinsically motivated by our beliefs.

Our beliefs are formed through our perceptions.

Our perceptions are conclusions based on situations to which we apply personal filters.

Personal filters are formed based on our experiences — which may be authentic or contrived. 

Our perceptions –whether founded or unfounded — are our reality!

So, if we continue in this manner of not questioning our authenticity, are we not denying our denial?

If this is true, then denial is our truth, 

and we will most likely always remain detached!


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